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About Ethnography/Contextual Inquiry

The field study method of gathering information about users and tasks directly from users in their normal work, home, or leisure environment.

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  • What we do:

    – Recruit/Screen participants.
    – Observation in participants’ environments.
    – Diary studies using photography and video.
    – Contextual in-depth interviews.
    – Present results in the direct/remote meeting upon request.

  • Benefits of Ethnography:

    – In-context insight into the ways consumers live with products and services.
    – Immerses the project team in users lives and enables a relationship to develop with participants over the period of study.
    – Rich source of visual data helps to reveal unarticulated needs.
    – Helps to identify discrepancies between what people say and what they actually do.

  • Deliverables:

    – Written Reports
    – Recorded Photos/Videos
    – Raw Data
    – Recommendations