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Heuristic Evaluation

About Heuristic Evaluation

Our Heuristic Evaluation provides an immediate tactical analysis of your product or service to correct UX/Usability.


  • What we do:

    – Go through the target products/services.
    – Create reports and address ergonomic issues:
    1. At the detailed design level (color, layout, wording).
    2. At the deeper issues at the overall navigation level.
    – Present results in the direct/remote meeting upon request.

  • Benefits:

    – Feedback is from the UX/Usability Expert who has reviewed/analyzed lots of products/services.
    – Faster turnaround time than user testing.
    – Inexpensive relative to other evaluation methods.
    – Flexible schedule. Can be reviewed throughout the development cycle, in the early phase of development cycle using requirements, using wireframe/prototype in the middle phase, and using the currently released products after releasing the products.

  • Deliverables:

    – Written Reports (Including Usability Issues List, Detailed Analysis, and Recommendations)