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About Survey

From a large size to a quick small survey, UXPRESS tailors and implements an effective survey based on your goal. We will analyze the results and provide a report.


  • Survey is effective method of identifying:

    Who your users are and what your users want/need.
    What they own and where/what they purchase.
    What they think of your brand or product and why.

  • What we do:

    – Gathering requirements and create questionnaires.
    – Conduct surveys via online or phone.
    – Create written reports and present the results upon request.

  • Benefits of Survey:

    – Providing information to better understand end users to design better products.
    – Mitigating risk of designing the wrong, or a poor, solution for users.
    – Providing stakeholders with confidence that a design is effective.
    – Gathering larger sample sizes, in comparison to qualitative research, often speaks the language of business stakeholders.

  • Deliverables:

    – Written Reports
    – Raw Data
    – Recommendations