Why San Diego?

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Why San Diego?



California Demographics (2011)

California Demographic information 2011

Median Household Income (2015)

House hold income 2015 California

Note, The median household income in LA county is lower than SD because of the significant income disparity in LA county. The living cost in the urban area in LA county is typically higher than SD.

Reasons Why San Diego (SD)

  • SD represents the average of the State of California (CA)

    SD’s demographic data & average income are very close to the ones of CA. If you are planning to conduct some researches in the West Coast, SD will be one of the best places for you.

  • SD is chosen for the best city to launch a startup in 2014!

    – 412 startups: The number of new technology/life sciences/sports equipment start ups that were established in SD County in 2014. Of the 412 startups, 233 were software firms.

    – $960 million: The total amount in National Institutes of Health grants that were awarded to SD County research and academic institutions in 2014, the highest of any county in CA.

    (Source: Forbes.com, UTSanDiego.com)

  • Lower business cost in SD = Lower Price for You!!

    In San Diego we can lower the cost for
    – General business cost to run the business
    – Human resource cost ex, Moderator
    – Incentives for research participants

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