UXPRESS provides Accessibility Research to help you improve product/service accessibility. Although we are a relatively new, small, and local research startup in San Diego, we strongly believe that we can advocate for our community and genuinely improve its quality of life through our accessibility and usability research. We are dedicated to improving the lives of those who are with and without disabilities and partnering with the local organizations that help them.

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Research Participants

We are constantly looking for participants with disabilities that are between 20 years old to 50 years that would be interested in taking part of our accessibility research for services/products. We conduct both in-person and remote type studies. Our average incentive is $100 per hour. For our accessibility research, family members and friends of our research participants are always welcome to be present to ensure your comfort and well-being.

If you or your friends with disability are interested in being part of our research, please register from the button below. We will reach you out when the study matches your profile.

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Organizations for the People with Disabilities

We are constantly seeking trustful partner organizations that are willing to connect your members and us. We always care about our participants’ safety and security.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and let’s talk about how we can improve this society using the latest technologies. We look forward to working together in the future.


Cybozu is trying to develop products that are accessible to people with disability and the elderly so that they can utilize our products without any issues. In our latest accessibility research, we teamed up with UXPRESS. We wanted to understand what kind of problems would occur for our users with visual disabilities when using our cloud service, “Kintone”.

UXPRESS has networks with local organizations for people who have disabilities. We needed just 6 participants for our research and UXPRESS was able to exceed our requirements by recruiting 10 candidates for us. They thoroughly explained the details of each candidate profile to us. As a result, we were able to select 6 participants who matched closely to our target users.

People with visual disabilities use PCs and smartphones with various types of assistive technologies such as voice reading and magnifying software. In our accessibility research study, we wanted to reproduce the natural environment of our various participants as much as possible, so we decided to allow them to bring in their own devices. This enabled the participants to more easily work on the tasks that were provided. However, this made the research setup more difficult as the recording equipment for our research had to be adjusted to accommodate different devices. UXPRESS prepared various tools to adapt to these challenging scenarios and tailored the setups for each interview. As a result, our research was smoothly completed thanks to their preparation.

I was thoroughly impressed that UXPRESS had paid extra attention to detail in regard to disability etiquette throughout the entire research project. For example, they communicated with a concerned participant’s family member who was worried about the research environment and explained their security precautions on their interview site. They also patiently waited for an Uber driver on the street before the participant who was blind arrived and guided him safely to the interview room.

Overall, our research was completed very successfully. We could collect a lot of useful feedback from the research participants. We are now planning to conduct ethnographic research with UXPRESS after the corona virus pandemic is over. I highly recommend UXPRESS to anyone who is thinking of conducting accessibility related research.

Daisuke Kobayashi - Cybozu Accessibility Expert

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